Who Am I?

Forex Account in Ireland

Blackwave Ltd exists to understand financial markets and to prove it by making money and being transparent about successes and failures. Everything else (trading courses, webinars, seminars) is just talk. 

Who am I?

Name: Gary Comey

Position: Managing Director

Qualifications: Registered stockbroker since 2000.  Member of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland. I am registered with the Society of Technical Analysts in the UK and have worked in the industry for some time including at both retail and institutional trading desks covering equities, bonds and forex for the purpose of speculation and hedging. I have been responsible for cash flow and cash management of hundreds of millions of dollars. I now manage forex accounts, that is to say I trade as before but this time you can copy my trades or sign up for a managed forex account.

Over many years I have spoken to many clients and there are some obvious and subtle common trading errors that I can correct that can give a regular trader a positive expectancy, in other words profitable metrics or a profitable trading plan.

Why This Strategy?

The head of a forex trading desk once asked me my opinion of EURUSD. I truthfully answered “it will either go up or down”. I do not know what he expected but it was not that. How could I possibly come up with a formula that entered every possible variable that would affect the EURUSD exchange rate, from US or Eurozone unemployment to some unscheduled comment from the president of the ECB to an asteroid strike? Yet he was asking me to do just that and then to give him the answer for free. He tersely replied that “anyone could have said that” but it had taken me years to really absorb this “up or down” fact and I genuinely wanted to share it.

Armed with the knowledge that markets will either go up or down is a liberating fact to absorb. I can tell you this for free. Success lies not in the market movement but in your reaction to that movement. I can understand that financial news networks would want to know the answer but to me whether EURUSD  or AUDUSD goes up or down is irrelevant, only my reaction to the price movement is important.

Therefore my strategy is built around the very concept that we cannot predict the future and markets will either go up or down.

This might sound like I don’t believe in technical analysis however that is not true.  I have particular interest in Japanese Candlesticks and oscillators like RSI. The fact remains however that technical analysis usually provides a logical stop loss area and because of this many trades are located there.  A computerised and intelligent market invariably finds them! Hence I will pay close attention to TA but position sizes and a grid trading system will be uppermost in my mind. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW WHERE THE MARKET WILL GO NEXT TO MAKE MONEY TRADING.

Therefore Blackwave exists for one relatively pure purpose, to understand financial markets and to prove this fact by making money for the shareholders and clients. In this case money is not the end but the means of counting score in the holiest of games.

Copy Trading lets small clients grow their accounts by copying mine to $20K and then moving across to a managed forex account to continue the journey with no monthly charge and a 15% (less than half the usual industry fee) managed forex account fee.

Come along for the ride. Join Me!


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