Blackwave Strategy

Managed Account in Australia



The high risk Alpine account sprang out of a personal account that was hugely successful at generating cash for me in 2016. So much so that a client asked me to create a managed account using the same strategy even though I was already trading three other managed accounts. This I have done and my client was correct, the strategy was so successful that it is now used in the medium risk Blackwave Pacific and low risk Blackwave California account too. They trade no other strategy except lower risk versions of Alpine.

Clients should click on the QEP-Questionnaire to see if they qualify and then send this completed application to IC Markets during the MT4 account application process. Then go to the managed account page and download the Limited Power of Attorney for either Pacific or California. Email me personally if you are looking for the Alpine LPOA as I would like to make sure you have a higher risk appetite. Alpine itself is not for everyone as it sometimes trades exotics and metals that the others do not.

All accounts trade this strategy;

Blackwave Pacific trades a medium risk version (max DD 20%)

Blackwave California trades a lower risk version (max DD 15%).



  • Manual Trades Only
  • Max DD Per Basket Alpine 25 %, Pacific 20%, California 15%.
  • Its uses specific circumstances to determine market conditions and I place trades based off a combination of fundamentals and technicals (such as RSI and candlesticks). If the direction is long, BUYS are used to take profits. If the trend reverses, BUY LIMITS are hit and profits taken on the reversal. If the direction is short, SELLS are used to take profits. If the trend reverses, SELL LIMITS are hit and profits taken on the reversal.
  • Therefore the safety features of this account mean the lot size at every level will be equal to the base lot, i.e it will not increase at each additional level. eg,0.01,0.01,0.01,0.01 etc. This “non-linear” fashion is safer (no Martingale).
  • Should these accounts experience draw down equal to the max draw down I will manually will close all positions in that basket and continue trading.


Recommended Minimum Leverage: 500:1

Recommended Minimum Account Balance: $2000

Recommended Broker: IC Markets,


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